We are Tatiana and Dmitry Ulianov.
We live in Israel. We love cats and breed British Shorthear cats since 1995. Our cattery has registration in WCF. The colours we breed are - blue, lilac, cream, black, chocolate, blue-cream, lilac-cream and color-point. We are hobby breeders. That mean that all the money from selling kittens we spend for our cats.

Our cats were exported from well-known Europe catteries. All the pedigrees of the cats contain only 100% thoroughbred british shorthaired. All our cats was tested to PKD, FIV and FeLV. If you buy a kitten in our cattery, you will be guaranteed to have high-class animals with excellent appearance and real British character (these are the things with are founded at a genetic level)

Our contact information:
Cattery “Golan” – Israel, Ulianov Tatiana &Dmitry
0528771124 - Tatiana
0523582093 - Dmitry
E-mail rut20@012.net.il

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